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Emily’s notes from this episode:

Some general notes

  • I realized that I’m not gonna survive like this and there is something inside of me that feels BIGGER. And I need to honor this.

  • Take a pause, zoom out, and ask the BIG questions:

    • What is life?

    • Who AM I?

    • How do I want to show up in my life?

  • Who we spend time with reflects who we are choosing to be.

  • Meditation or prayer before or after a meeting can help the meeting be more effective


  • I am relentless.
    • What do I feel like when I am relentless?

Ben’s morning routine

  • Wake up early
  • Say mantras (I am love. I am relentless.)
  • Journal three words of gratitude
  • Movement (hike, yoga, jump rope, bike)
  • Ice cold shower
  • Shaving
  • Light candle and give thanks
  • Sage house if I need to clear energy from day before

Ben’s daily guidelines

  • Nourishment throughout the day
  • Make sure I have (healthy) ingredients at my house and prepping food
  • Cooking once and eating twice
  • Make enough food, so that if I AM hungry, I don’t have to go cook EVERY time.
  • Schedule meals in calendar to remind myself to eat
  • Meditation during day

Ben’s Evening routine

  • Turn phone off (airplane mode and face down)
  • Do my best to not have any extra light in my room
  • Windows are always open so morning light wakes me up
  • Touch my toes before I get into bed and give thanks
  • Meditation (close eyes, sit up in bed and take a couple of breaths)

Thoughts on Meditation

  • Meditation is a PRACTICE. It is not something that I have ever perfected. The more that I continue to discipline my mind and bring awareness to it throughout my meditation practice and throughout my life and my day to day, it allows for me to grow in a direction that I am choosing to grow in.
  • There is something in the silence. There is a language spoken that isn’t heard or spoken in the context that we know language to be spoken or heard in. It feels soul connecting. I have learned and am learning, how AWESOME that is.
  • Silence can oftentimes feel really awkward. As if there is something that NEEDS to be said. But just sitting in that feels REALLY powerful.
  • The practice of meditation has allowed me to become more and more comfortable with that space of silence.
  • My breath feels like THE tool, in life. It is my life force. It’s how I survive. It’s how I am me in this Ben body. So, to breathe in and exhale out, INTENTIONALLY, is how I want to live my life.

Notes on Authenticity

  • Authenticity is showing up.
  • In order for us to be authentic, we need to show up in our lives. There is no definition to that. It is different for everybody. That is the beauty of us being human, is that we are ALL different. And at the same time, we’re all connected.
  • For me, authenticity comes from a DEEP listening, inside myself. And really appreciating, and listening to what I am hearing inside myself, and then articulating that outward authentically.
  • Authenticity comes from deep within ourselves. Which may come from an even deeper place of spirit, or God, or this higher power or source that people speak of.
  • The greatest gift in life is sharing, and giving and serving others. The richness in that is never ending.

About Ben Aresty

Ben’s passion for life is a key component to his ability to connect authentically with people. He believes everything is possible with clarity, focus, awareness and discipline. Having experienced a full life growing up in a privileged family, traveling the world as a chef, and his dad passing at 25, he approaches life with deep compassion and love for everyone. Ben is eager to learn new things and continue to grow as a man. He has spent years cultivating knowledge and experience on how the mind works and how people connect. Working with therapists, coaches, shamans and rabbi’s, Ben is creating his own technique around a lifestyle approach he lives and breathe’s himself today.

Ben’s Experience: Traveled to over 10 countries and more then 25 states in the US – 15 years of professional cooking – Culinary Arts Degree from French Culinary Institute, NYC – Certified Facilitator through RDI’s Ecology of Leadership – Currently studying at IIN to become a certified Health Coach.

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