Choice Happens is a blog/podcast created and edited by me, Emily Carpenter. I spend countless hours researching and writing articles to share information with my readers that are informational and useful and will save my readers both time and money. To keep the lights on, I accept and display various forms of advertising such as image ads (which you will see on the sidebar, and sometimes in a post), text links (that go to a product mentioned and/or recommended in a post), and giveaways (companies wishing to promote a product may offer a giveaway on Choice Happens).

It is important to note that although we do accept advertisers, the contributors at Choice Happens (including guests) will always offer their 100% honest opinions about products or services, including those of our advertisers. Choice Happens does not accept compensation to slant reviews in any way, shape, or form.

The opinions and/or assessments by Choice Happens contributors should never be construed as expert in any way. Choice Happens contributors offer to share their experiences as they interpret them. Please refer to expert opinions, especially where health and safety are concerned. For instance, call your doctor or child’s doctor for matters of health. You may find some helpful information on Choice Happens, but nothing should replace an essential conversation with your healthcare provider(s).

In addition, any claim, opinion, including quoted information, is strictly the view or opinion of the Choice Happens contributor. Please refer to original manufacturer instructions for proper use and care of any product or service you intend to use at your own risk.

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