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Emily’s notes from this episode:

Ideas brought forth by Eleanor

  • My consciousness is creating my experience.
  • I now accept the truth that I am creating my experience and I am now accepting “I deserve to get what I want.”
  • There is always the possibility for change. You are not in jail, metaphysically speaking. Things can change. The WAY they change is by how WE change.
  • The creative power is within each person.
  • If I want to change something in the external world, I need to find the thing in my inner world that relates to that and change it from the inside first.
  • Causality is coming from within. It is also possible to help the inner change by making any small outer changes that you can also. The inner and the outer can reinforce each other.
  • When you FEEL that the words are true, that’s when they REALLY work for you.
  • On the spiritual plane, all good IS true now. But, on this plane of experience, we experience it in increments of days and hours and minutes because we are unfolding in time here. All TRUE goodness exists NOW.
  • Any thought that we send out about other people, we keep a carbon copy of it in our own mind and that carbon copy affects US. So, we should never wish harm to others and never SPEAK words of harm to others. Every affirmation you make should be pure goodness for you and everyone else.
  • Regarding affirmations: you are not doing this like a robot. You’re doing it thinking, consciously, about what you are doing.
  • You want to be as specific as you can, because the concious mind likes specific direction, but on the other hand, when you are pursuing a goal, sometimes we don’t know what the very best outcome would be. But, the higer self knows.
  • I receive this _______________, or something better. The “or something better” gives the universe room to move to give you the greatest good you can have.
  • You are the only thinker in your mind. Each of us is the only one that is going to determine how we’re going to look a things, what words we’re going to put on them. Are we going to say something is a disaster? Or are we going to say it’s an opportunity? That’s the choice each of us makes.
  • Our minds are creative. Our thoughts are creative. If we put out negative words, we are creating more and more of the same thing that we say we don’t want.
  • What is the GOOD that I can call forth in this situation?
  • Look for the good, and praise it.
  • The power of praise is real and whatever you praise will increase. You can think words of praise, and you can speak words of praise.
  • Use the concept of praising substance, praising money, and calling forth increase, praise your bank account, praise your wallet, praise your checking account, your checkbook, or whatever is meaningful to you. Put good thoughts on it and see it increasing.
  • Praise is a form of energy and praise is saying to something that “you are good and I value you.”
  • Money responds to our thoughts about it (concept by Catherine Ponder). Everything does.
  • Money is energy and it responds to our thoughts.
  • It is not a person’s fault if they have these negative ideas in their mind. It’s NOT their fault. But, ocnce they become aware, they can begin to change. They have the choice to say, “I’m not gonna stick with this. I am gonna use my power for a positive truth.”
  • For most people, it is necessary to repeat an affirmation more than once. Most of us need repeated applications in order for it to really sink in. It’s not mindless repetition, you have to really THINK about what you are doing.
  • If you are choosing the highest good, or you want to choose the highest good, that means you really can’t judge or condemn the present.

The basics to writing an affirmation

  1. Stated in the first person. (I, Me or My)
  2. Make it a positive statement about what you DO want. (OR something that you know is actually true, but you don’t FEEL it yet)
  3. Written in the present tense. (Now, Today, anything indicating that it is true now)
  4. Affirmation should imply that there is no harm done to anyone else. (Intrinsic to all spiritual work)

BONUS: Write down your affirmations MANY times a day.

Sample affirmations

  • I now give myself what I DO want.
  • I am a good person and the universe is my friend.
  • This is a friendly universe. The universe wants to help us and is here to support us.
  • People are helpful to me.
  • Whatever I need, shows up. Whatever I need, appears for me.
  • Every day, in every way, my life is getting better and better.
    Every day, in every way, my relationships are getting better and better.
  • Every day, in every way, my finances are getting better and better.
  • Today, I will give myself the best food that I can.
  • My baby is God’s child, and God’s life flows through him/her.
  • Today I meet wonderful people everywhere.
  • I am NOW employed in my perfect work.
  • I call forth the GOOD, in this situation.
  • I call forth the GOOD, in this person.
  • I call forth the GOOD, in this organization.
  • I praise myself for __________________. I deserve praise.
  • I love this increase. It is good. I praise this increase.
  • I praise the money I DO have. I praise this money that I have, and I call forth the increase.
  • I praise my finances.
  • I am blessing the money as it goes out, and I am blessing the opening for money to come back in.
  • Today is the day of my AMAZING good fortune.
  • I affirm and CHOOSE, the highest good for everyone in this situation.
  • This is a healing taking place.

Basic concepts of denials (spiritual denials)

  1. You acknowledge that something negative exists (in appearance)
  2. This appearance has no power over you.
  3. Denials are like antibiotics. When you need them, they’re really good to use, but you can’t use them all the time.
  4. Denials should be followed by a positive statement of what you DO want.

Denial examples

  • It is NOT true that this disease is incurable. God can cure anything.
  • There is no power in _______________. There is only power in God the good.

Some of Eleanor’s favorite quotes

  • “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”
    — Émile Coué
  • “The description of evil, doubles evil. “
    — Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • “No situation is barren of good.”
    — Catherine Ponder
  • “I have the magic purse of the spirit. Whatever money goes out, money always comes in.”
    — Florence Scovel Shinn
  • “We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words.”
    — Catherine Ponder

Book mentioned in this episode

The Game of Life and How to Play it by Florence Scovel Shinn (full disclosure: affiliate link)

Positive thinking challenge

Listen to yourself:

  1. When you are speaking to others
  2. To your own thoughts

When you notice you are saying something negative, STOP immediately. Then go back, and start again and substitute with something positive or constructive.

About Eleanor

Eleanor Celentani is a spiritual teacher, counselor and ordained minister. She has been engaged in spiritual work for over 30 years. She has a Facebook page which offers prayers, inspirational thoughts and spiritual perspectives on current events. You may find this page at facebook.com/Eleanor.Celentani.

Voiceovers by Jim Sidoti.

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