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Emily’s notes from this episode: 

Valuable lessons Adrian learned from his mother

  • College is a place where you can go to become whatever you want to be.
  • In the midst of all the sufferings and struggles, she instilled in me a sense of purpose and identity that came into play later on.

The essence of Adrian’s success

  • Dissatisfaction and discontentment helped me get a sense of direction.
  • The discovery of my purpose is what allowed me to stay focused and committed throughout all the challenges in my life.
  • My introduction to faith helped me understand helping people and giving back.
  • Courage, the ability to act in the presence of fear, was already being cultivated for work I will do much later in life. It has enabled me to live my truth.
  • The ability to communicate is so important to accomplish my mission in life. Having that ability to speak from the heart and collaborate people’s realities, stories, and challenges.

Inspirational words

  • Be the change and try to influence the change for a lot of people.
  • Service and leadership for the purpose of making society better.
  • We undergo certain experiences to help us cultivate certain attributes, skill sets, and abilities within us.
  • HOPE, FAITH and COURAGE are essential. It empowers one to persevere in life and to believe in yourself.
  • Self-advocacy is important. Stand up for your rights.
  • I want to live in a redemptive society where one’s mistake does not limit what he could be in the future. Deconstruct the mental preconceived idea of what one should be.
  • No one’s mistake is so great, no one’s identity is so shunned that it limits who they can be and what they can accomplish.
  • Whenever you move forward, it’s essential that you leave behind yourself a path and a trail that others can follow.


  • How do I want to be the ‘actualizer’ of the change I was committed to?
  • How can we be more impactful and inclusive?
  • How to break down the barriers?

Questions for government officials

  • How do we rebuild our economy?
  • What kind of edifice can we set up so people can be entrepreneurs?
  • How do we create a pipeline where we connect entry-level jobs to other jobs so we can leverage transferable skills so people can constantly move up the economic ladder?
  • How do we create the flame that can attract growth and business to relocate or expand to our region?
  • Make each individual as a contributing member of society, not a dependent member of society


  • CPS: Child Protective Services
  • MCC: Monroe Community College

Famous Quote:

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” 
~Oscar Wilde

About Adrian Hale:

Adrian Hale grew up in Rochester, NY. Despite poverty, his parents have instilled in him the importance of education. His struggles and challenges gave him a strong sense of purpose to help others. Compelled to be part of something bigger, he served his country by joining the US Marine Corps for five years. Adrian was deployed to Afghanistan twice. When he went back to his hometown, he pursued his education and graduated from Yale University. He now works at the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce – Workforce / Economic Development & Education Initiatives.

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