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Emily’s notes from this episode:

Thembi’s hopes and dreams:

  • I don’t want any woman to ever go into a relationship because of money. I want them to do it because they love the person.
  • In so many ways, we can really change the world if we look at it at a different perspective.

Her words of advice:

  • When you follow your purpose and your passion, the money just follows.
  • As long as we’re doing business for money, we will never be successful.
  • it’s not about how much money you give (to the women), but it’s about ‘how’, how you empower them to empower themselves.

Questions to help find your purpose:

  • Get yourself out of the money mindset and say, how can I change somebody’s life?
  • How can I live to my true purpose?
  • We’re here for something bigger. So what are you here for?

About Thembi Bheka:

With nothing more than a desire to change her life, five bucks, and a suitcase, Thembi Bheka boarded a plane in 2001 to leave her country, Zimbabwe, and moved to Canada. She then started to have big dreams of changing the world by empowering women back home and has been living her purpose ever since.

Thembi Bheka is a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, Mentor and a Founder of She Breaks Thru podcast, where she engages with women who have succeeded and made it in life. She is also a Founder of ThriveCast, helping women in Africa to reignite their passion, gain more clarity and reconnect with their bigger purpose. She is heavily involved in empowering women and trains them with opportunities of creating income online as virtual assistants. 

She has been featured on top-rated podcasts including Cashflow Ninja and Her Success Radio that have also featured top entrepreneurs that include Kim Kiyosaki, Kevin Harrington, Ali Brown and Marie Forleo. Thembi has been an Oprah Winfrey guest and is a Ted-x speaker.

When Thembi isn’t busy, she enjoys spending time and traveling with her two children. She is also a volunteer of Kelowna Community Resources, a government organization that helps new immigrants settle in Canada.

“Do whatever you’re doing with love and purpose.” – Thembi Bheka

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